Friday, August 20, 2010

Shifting Sands...

Time was, the annual family vacation down the Jersey shore marked the end of the lazy days of summer, and a return to band camp, sports schedules, and studies. We made the most of those treks to the beach, and millions of memories: long walks on the sand, our toes in the ocean, rides on the boardwalk, kite-flying and games of horseshoes. But this year is different, this year we could almost feel the shifting sand beneath our feet. In just two weeks my youngest will be leaving for college, and with her goes a simpler time, a time where I could kiss a hurt and make it better, make everything right with a hug and a cup of hot chocolate. Now she will have to find her way, grow and take chances, yet keep her ties to home and those who love her and will surely feel her absence. But for these five idyllic days at the shore, it is just like old times.
By late summer the Atlantic has warmed up considerably, but not so much that the jellyfish are any bother. Morning, noon and night, the most beautiful girls walk the shoreline, stopping here and there to pick up a shell. Jersey girls. Our girls.

I had to get a shot of this bird, the Roger Clemens of seagulls. All puffed up to frighten us away, he could almost feed our family at Thanksgiving! We laugh at the little sea birds, who run from the tide, then back again to catch a nibble.
Mixed skies reflect the bittersweet end to this year's vacation. We look back on lots of fun times, and ahead to new adventures.

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